Will Cinema Hall awakes from tomorrow?



Chalachitra Khabar, Kathmandu: The general question among all Nepalese people today seems to be on the topic of Cinema Hall. Cinema Halls which have been closed from a long time due to pandemic is said to be re-opened from Friday.  Before pandemic hit, watching movies at theatres was favorite leisure activities among all. It’s clear that movie hall were one of the first businesses to be close due to pandemic and one of the last to reopen.




General Secretary of Nepal Film Association Ashok Sharma said that the government will soon give permission regarding hall reopening. They seem to be positive regarding the decision. He also said that he did not understand why the government was looking at the cinema sector as an EP center in Corona. He said that the cinema sector has not been able to carry out street agitation like other sectors including transport. If this is the case, he said, there is a growing danger that soon there will be a cinema industry in Nepal as well.

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