International HipHop Choreographer Rishi Sufi directed Nepali music video ‘Sapana’



Chalachitra Khabar, Kathmandu – A new Nepali music video has been released on YouTube named ‘Sapana’ directed and written by Indian HipHop Choreographer Rishi Sufi which is based on a real-life story. The song features the voice and lyrics of Yong Keet (Kapil Yogi). Yong keet and Mist Cham Bling compose this song. This video seeks to show the emotional story of a young man’s dream full of suspense.



The video features Ankit Giri, Sabbu Tamang, Jitendra Thakur, Kridip Shah, Abhin Maharjan, Sudeep Darlami and Amrit Tamang. The video is shot by Rapil Maharjan and Himal Khadka and edited by Rapil Maharjan. The frame art is done by Nischal Rana while the makeup is done by Neha Gurung and Anjali Magar.




The story starts with a father telling his son to fulfill his unfulfilled dream. In addition, the video is dedicated to the singer’s late father Mr. Mahesh Kumar Yogi as the story is about him and his dream for his family.

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