Deepa Shree celebrating her 46th Birthday

Chalachitra Khabar, Kathmandu: Well-known Comedian, Producer, Director, and Artist Deepa Shree Niraula has her birthday today. Well, she is in her mid-40 and celebrating her 46th Birthday. She was born in Bhadra on 7th, 2032 B.S. Biratnagar. Deepa Shree became more popular after the program ‘Tito Satya’ which was aired on Nepal Television.



She started her acting career through Tharu Cinema, working as a lead role in Hatai Kuhira, which is filmed in Tharu Languages. Then she made her debut in Nepali Cinemas too. To this date, she has made a name for herself in the Nepali Film Industry. She has won many awards and has been appreciated by audiences.


We wish her a Delightful Birthday and a joyous year here ahead.

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