Biswa Limbu : An Inspiration to youth, Creating own Identity

A journey of Biswa Limbu (Biswa Raj Samekham) who was born in Taplejung tells a story worth listening and makes him stand out from the rest. Many youths see him as an inspiration in the media industry today.

He did his schooling from Tribhuvan Secondary school Meringden, Taplejung and moved to Dharan where he completed his +2. Carrying his dream to be a media personality, he entered Kathmandu and joined a Media Training House ‘Global Media and Research center Kathmandu’ where he completed 3 months news reading, writing and program presentation course. Then to pursue his dream he worked as trainee journalist at Times FM Kathmandu. His first step towards his goal was initiated from Times FM as he went on air for the first time ever through this FM. After that he continuously kept working in media field as he invested his 2 years at ECR and Bhaktapur FM, 2 years at capital FM, 5 years at Gorkha FM as News reporter and reader. His basic salary at that time was Rs. 3500 per month. Then he hosted a talk show which used to on air via NTV however it was from outside production house. Again, his struggle went on as he worked at Mountain TV for 3 years as news anchor and finally after so many years of experience and effort, he landed with his dream job at Kantipur TV. He was not only a TV presenter but also a producer. By this time his salary was raised to 20,000/- per month.

For sure it is not easy to survive in city like Kathmandu in this salary however getting a dream job that one wished for and getting paid for that has different charm and motivation. As he was working in this field, he noticed that the graph of New media was increasing rapidly and as he had gained experiences of so many years, he knew that it was time for him to think about his own media house. He took initiation to create his own YouTube channel ‘Mero Online TV’ while he was still on Kantipur TV. Gradually he left the job and focused on his own channel which is counted as top YouTube channel in today’s date as it has crossed 1 million Subscribers. He also runs his own channel Biswa Limbu where he has more than 118 K subscribers.

Day by day his popularity increased and still is increasing as his YouTube ‘Mero Online TV’ is growing and reaching a greater number of people. His works are being appreciated as he always supports new talents and helps them to reach to huge mass. His hard work and dedication towards his dream has made him someone that youth look up to. From earning 3500 per month to now where he is economically stable and has his own name and fame, he surely inspires so many people out there who wants to take risk in life and do something on their own.

Apart from this, he is a founder Chair Person of Radio Phaktanglung FM, Chairperson of Yakthung Youth Association and Chairperson of Taplejung Kathmandu Journalist Society. He has toured around various country to host a show including Hongkong, UK Qatar, Dubai and so on. He also gets featured in music videos time to time and is planning to sing a song in near future.

He never stopped his studies while pursuing his dream in media field which made him achieve double degrees in masters in MBBS and MA. Now that he has achieved so much in life, he shares his knowledge about journalism and media field with new talents as journalism trainer.





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