Heartbreak: Tiktok star Bijay’s Turning Point, ‘Paththar Ko Mutu’

Most of the successful stars say, ‘it’s one turning point in life that changes everything’. Again this phrase seems to be well defined by the journey of Bijay Pun from a normal guy, living in his own small world to becoming a music video model and someone that thousands of people look up to.

Tiktok is being one of the biggest platform for everyone to reach and interact with huge mass. There are many artists these days who have evolved from Tiktok and now are busy with many projects because producers want to cast them in music videos and other projects as they are known by huge number of mass and they are popular over all social media specially on Tiktok. Bijay Pun is one of the names which is known in Tiktok. Though he used to make many comedy videos and other his own organic videos on Tiktok and gained some followers or fans because of that, his turning point was when he made a video after his heartbreak in real life.

His words ‘Paththar Ko Mutu’ became popular overnight and reached million hearts twhich was loved by everyone. Not only his way of expression and words but also his acting was appreciated by people. He expressed what he was going through at the time of heartbreak via his videos which made him popular on tiktok and on other social platforms as well. Not just that we can say that painful period of his life was actually a golden opportunity for him to be famous and appreciated all over. Now a song titled ‘Paththar Ko Mutu’ is out on youtube and people are praising him for all his work and performance on the song.

Though the script for the video is written by Bikram Chauhan, Bijay says the story presented in the story is a real life story of him. He did every possible things to keep his love of life with him but at the end she left him and this idea is presented beautifully in the song. His acting on the song is also praised by everyone and he is becoming everyone’s favorite. His journey till now explains how heartbreak became a turning point in his life.


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